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Rainforests are the heart of our planet. They help control the global weather and water cycles, provide a home to a vast number of important animal and plant species and act as vital carbon sinks, thus helping us to manage and respond to the ongoing climate crisis. 

Moreover, the third-largest continuous rainforest in the world sits just on our doorstep, on the island of New Guinea. Yet huge swathes of this forest are under threat from foreign logging companies that have acquired leases through illegal means or through poorly enforced regulations. 

Jubilee started a new project in 2021 that looks at the connections that Australian businesses have to illegal logging in the region, especially in PNG. We are working to identify Australian companiesincluding banks and investorsthat that have financial ties to illegal logging projects. And we are looking at how we can strengthen our laws and regulations to reduce the import of illegally logged timber into Australia.