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Challenging extractive models of development at the 2021 Research for Development Impact Conference

Mining, Climate Justice, Changing PNG’s development path, Nogat Coal

Release Date: 15 Sep 2021

Across the Pacific region, the large-scale extraction of natural resources – including timber, minerals, oil and gas - is often presented as the clearest pathway towards economic development and improved wellbeing for citizens. However, extractive operations have repeatedly failed to deliver the improved livelihoods they promised and have been accompanied by dispossession, environmental destruction, abuses of human rights and offshoring of profits.

New Report Calls for a Dramatic Change from Extraction to Inclusion for Real Development in Papua New Guinea

Changing PNG’s development path, Sustainable economies

Release Date: 06 Oct 2020

Oakland/Port Moresby/Sidney—With the release of a new report today, ACT NOW!, Jubilee Australia, and the Oakland Institute, call for an urgent change of course from political leaders in Papua New Guinea. The report, From Extraction to Inclusion, analyses the country’s economic and development performance since its independence in 1975.

Land Summit in Papua New Guinea: a dangerous attack on the country’s unique customary land tenure system

Changing PNG’s development path, Land and forests

Release Date: 02 May 2019

Oakland/Sidney – Jubilee Australia and the Oakland Institute denounce the National Land Summit, organized by the Papua New Guinea (PNG) government, as a dangerous attack on the country’s unique customary land tenure system. In a briefing paper released today, Land Summit or Land Grab?, the two organizations detail how the summit organized on May 1-3 2019 is an attempt by the PNG